Hacienda Corona

Located in Santa Cruz County, Arizona


Our History

HACIENDA CORONA de Guevavi offers a unique opportunity to experience the history, culture and mystique of the old West.

Historic Guevavi (meaning “big spring”) had been the home of the Hohokam and Pima Indians for hundreds of years when Father Kino discovered it in 1691. He was so taken with this spot along the banks of the Santa Cruz River, that he established it as his first mission in the Continental United States.

Livestock were introduced at Guevavi by Juan Bautista de Anza (Sr.) in the very early 1700’s making this the oldest cattle ranch in the state. Homesteaded in 1915, Guevavi eventually became one of the largest and most influential cattle ranches in Southern Arizona.

Hacienda Corona, the former ranch headquarters, is the crown jewel of Guevavi Ranch. Its name honors Salvador Corona, the famous Mexican muralist and bullfighter who painted its courtyard walls with charming scenes of indigenous Mexican peasants during the 1940s and 1950s.

Later the Hacienda became a Hollywood hideaway after its then owner, Ralph Wingfield, lent some of his cattle for use in the filming of the John Wayne classic, “Red River”. Soon the hard-driving rancher and the actor, who played such characters on the screen, became close friends.

The “Duke” and many other movie stars frequently sought the peace and tranquility of this ranch so far away from the bright lights of Hollywood.

With this history of the cross, cattle and the crown in mind, the Stover family lovingly restored the Hacienda and created one of the most interesting and appealing bed and breakfast retreats in the Southwest. This is a unique location for weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, retreats and all kinds of special events; and for visitors who want to visit the old West, it is an ideal place to stay while exploring all of Southern Arizona’s adventures.

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With joyful sadness and bittersweet gramercy, Nisa and I have decided to close our doors forever.